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 Research Associate in Nanotechnology

School of Chemical and Physicals Sciences



Science and Engineering

Organisational Unit:

School of Chemical and Physical Sciences


Academic Level A


This position has been funded as part of an Australian Research Council grant and will investigate the use of multiple layers to build high efficient electrodes for use in various applications including solar cells.  The position will involve the production and characterisation of nanoscale materials. 


The School of Chemical and Physical Sciences has a proud tradition of excellence in research and teaching.  Today's teaching and research programmes benefit from this tradition while responding to new developments and needs. Nanotechnology has become one of the foci within the chemistry and physics groups. The chemistry group also has strong links with Forensic Science, South Australia, and is developing leading research programs in forensic and analytical chemistry.


The key responsibilities and selection criteria identified for this position should be read in conjunction with the Flinders University Academic Profile for the relevant academic classification, available at

 ·           Undertake experiments to isolate and characterise nanoscale materials

·           Build and characterise devices with nanoscale materials

·           Support the research program in the Centre of Nanoscale Science and Technology

·      Provision of guidance to PhD students involved in the project

·           Produce High Quality Research outputs

·           Pursue funding opportunities where possible


(Note for intending applicants – applicants should address each selection criterion individually and should argue their case by citing evidence to support their claims rather than presenting a list of facts only.)

 Essential criteria

1.      Hold a Ph.D. in a related field of science (e. g chemistry, physics, material science etc.)

2.      Proven proficiency in a range of nanotechnology research techniques.

3.      Proven proficiency in the handling and manipulation of nanomaterials especially the various forms of nanocarbon.

4.      Proven research track record in nanotechnology as demonstrated by high quality publications.

5.      Proven proficiency in various nanoscale characterisation techniques, as indicated by publications in refereed journals or comparable output.

6.      Evidence of effective written and verbal communication skills.

7.      Evidence of capacity to undertake innovative and productive research in a timely manner.

8.      Demonstrated ability to work both independently in an academic research unit or comparable environment.

 Desirable criteria

1.      Demonstrate a track record of success in writing research proposals both for research infrastructure and research programs;

2.      Experience with ultrahigh vacuum characterisation techniques for surfaces and interfaces;

3.      Experience in maintaining scientific equipment.

 For further information, please see the Jobs@Flinders website under Academic Vacancies.