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  Phys. Lett. A 281, 34-38 (12 Mar 2001)
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Multistep cascading and fourth-harmonic generation
A. A. Sukhorukov, T. J. Alexander, Yu. S. Kivshar, and S. M. Saltiel,
Phys. Lett. A 281, 34-38 (2001).
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Abstract: A concept of multistep cascading is applied to the problem of fourth-harmonic generation (FHG) in a single quadratic crystal, and a new model of parametric wave mixing is analyzed in detail. Important applications to the optical frequency division and efficient FHG as well as the realization of the double-phase-matching multistep cascading processes in engineered QPM structures with phase-reversal sequences are also suggested.
Keywords: lithium-niobate; wave-guides; solitons

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