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  Sci. Reports 1, 138-4 (02 Nov 2011)
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Metamaterials with conformational nonlinearity
Mikhail Lapine, Ilya V. Shadrivov, David A. Powell, and Yuri S. Kivshar,
Sci. Reports 1, 138-4 (2011).
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We demonstrate that flexible metamaterials made of spiral resonators exhibit nonlinear behaviour through the conformational changes caused by mechanical deformations induced by electromagnetic wave.
Abstract: Within a decade of fruitful development, metamaterials became a prominent area of research, bridging theoretical and applied electrodynamics, electrical engineering and material science. Being man-made structures, metamaterials offer a particularly useful playground to develop interdisciplinary concepts. Here we demonstrate a novel principle in metamaterial assembly which integrates electromagnetic, mechanical, and thermal responses within their elements. Through these mechanisms, the conformation of the meta-molecules changes, providing a dual mechanism for nonlinearity and offering nonlinear chirality. Our proposal opens a wide road towards further developments of nonlinear metamaterials and photonic structures, adding extra flexibility to their design and control.

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