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Sci. Reports 5, 9574-5 (10 apr 2015)
JETP Lett. 100, 831-836 (22 Oct 2014)
Phys. Rev. B 90, (Oct 2014)
Rev. Mod. Phys. 86, 1093-1123 (12 Sep 2014)
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 372, 20140010--20140010 (Sep 2014)
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Current Members

Prof. Yuri S. Kivshar   Head, Distinguished Professor, FF   Yuri.Kivshar@anu.edu.au
Dr. Dragomir N. Neshev   Professor   Dragomir.Neshev@anu.edu.au
Dr. Andrey A. Sukhorukov   Associate Professor, FT   Andrey.Sukhorukov@anu.edu.au
Dr. Anton S. Desyatnikov   Fellow, ARF   Anton.Desyatnykov@anu.edu.au
Dr. Andrey E. Miroshnichenko   Fellow, FT   Andrey.Miroshnichenko@anu.edu.au
Dr. Elena A. Ostrovskaya   Fellow, FT   Elena.Ostrovskaya@anu.edu.au
Dr. Ilya V. Shadrivov   Fellow, QEII   Ilya.Shadrivov@anu.edu.au
Dr. Manuel Decker   Research Fellow, DECRA   Manuel.Decker@anu.edu.au
Dr. Yana V. Izdebskaya   Research Fellow, APD   Yana.Izdebskaya@anu.edu.au
Dr. Alexander E. Minovich   Research Fellow, SSF   Alex.Minovich@anu.edu.au
Dr. David A. Powell   Research Fellow   David.A.Powell@anu.edu.au
Dr. Isabelle Staude   Research Fellow   Isabelle.Staude@anu.edu.au
Dr. Alexander S. Solntsev   Postdoctoral Fellow   Alexander.Solntsev@anu.edu.au
Ms. Diana A. Antonosyan   PhD student   Diana.Antonosyan@anu.edu.au
Ms. Katie Chong   PhD student   Katie.Chong@anu.edu.au
Mr. Rui Guo   PhD student   Rui.Guo@anu.edu.au
Ms. Kirsty E. Hannam   PhD student   Kirsty.Hannam@anu.edu.au
Mr. Ben Hopkins   PhD student   Ben.Hopkins@anu.edu.au
Mr. Sergey S. Kruk   PhD student   Sergey.Kruk@anu.edu.au
Mr. Daniel Leykam   PhD student   Daniel.Leykam@anu.edu.au
Mr. Mingkai Liu   PhD student   Mingkai.Liu@anu.edu.au
Mr. Ali Mirzaei   PhD student   Ali.Mirzaei@anu.edu.au
Mr. Aleksei P. Slobozhanyuk   PhD student   Aleksei.Slobozhaniuk@anu.edu.au
Ms. Daria A. Smirnova   PhD student, IPRS   Daria.Smirnova@anu.edu.au
Mr. Sergey V. Suchkov   PhD student, IPRS   sergey.v.suchkov@gmail.com
Ms. Yue Sun   PhD student, IPRS   Yue.S@anu.edu.au
Mr. James Titchener   PhD student   James.Titchener@anu.edu.au
Mr. Yair Zarate   PhD student   Yair.Zarate@anu.edu.au


Prof. Alexander Dreischuh     2004/07
Dr. Nina A. Zharova     2003/07

Former Members

Prof. Alexander A. Zharov   Senior Fellow  
Dr. Tristram J. Alexander   Research Fellow  
Dr. Konstantin Y. Bliokh   Research Fellow  
Dr. Michael W. Feise   Research Fellow  
Dr. Chaohong Lee   Research Fellow  
Dr. Alexander V. Savin   Research Fellow  
Dr. Vladlen G. Shvedov   Research Fellow  
Dr. Xue-Hua Wang   Research Fellow  
Dr. Zhiyong Y. Xu   Research Fellow  
Dr. Ivan L. Garanovich   Postdoctoral Fellow  
Dr. Ivan S. Maksymov   Postdoctoral Fellow  
Dr. Michal Matuszewski   Postdoctoral Fellow  
Dr. Kristian Motzek   Postdoctoral Fellow  
Dr. Tom White   Postdoctoral Fellow  
Mr. Jasur Abdullaev   PhD student  
Mr. Santiago Caballero Benitez   PhD student  
Mr. Francis H. Bennet   PhD student  
Mr. Daniel Buccoliero   PhD student  
Dr. Beata J. Dabrowska-Wuester   PhD student  
Mr. Artur R. Davoyan   PhD student  
Mr. Robert Fischer   PhD student  
Mr. Sangwoo Ha   PhD student  
Ms. Kimberley Heenan   PhD student  
Mr. Ksawery Kalinowski   PhD student  
Mr. Steven J. Lade   PhD student  
Mr. Wei Liu   PhD student  
Ms. Pearl J. Y. Louis   PhD student  
Mr. Aaron F. Matthews   PhD student  
Mr. Steven K. Morrison   PhD student  
Mr. Dario Poletti   PhD student  
Mr. Christian R. Rosberg   PhD student  
Mr. Andre J. Stoffel   PhD student  
Mr. Ahmed S. Arif   Honours student  
Mr. Nicholas P. Robins   Research Scholar  
Dr. Ole Bang   Visiting Fellow  
Prof. Sergey Gredeskul   Visiting Fellow  
Dr. Sergei F. Mingaleev   Visiting Fellow  
Prof. Dmitry E. Pelinovsky   Visiting Fellow  
Prof. Nikolay N. Rosanov   Visiting Fellow  
Dr. Jose R. Salgueiro   Visiting Fellow  
Prof. Solomon M. Saltiel   Visiting Fellow  
Prof. Anatoly P. Sukhorukov   Visiting Fellow  
Dr. Xiulun Yang   Visiting Fellow  
Prof. Alexander Dreischuh   Visitor  
Mr. Ray-Kuang Lee   Visitor  
Prof. Boris A. Malomed   Visitor  
Dr. Nina A. Zharova   Visitor  

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